Thursday, July 9, 2015

KBT Weekly Email- Parshas Pinchas/Mevorchim

Candles not before/after-  728/843
Mincha- 713
R' Kaufman will give a short dvar Torah before Mariv
Shkiah- 901
Shachris- 830
Iyun Shiur by R' Kaufman after Kiddush (25 minutes)
Women's get together with Rabbi and Mrs. Kaufman @ the Fleksher home 2519 Milton Rd.- 445-545
1st Mincha- 600
R' Kaufman will give a short dvar Torah after Mincha
Shiur by R' Kaufman- 730-825
2nd Mincha- 825
Deluxe Suedas Shlishis and Q&A with R' Kaufman
Mariv 50/72- 951/1013

Deluxe Kiddush
There will be a Deluxe Kiddush after davening sponsored by R' Pinchas Landis and family in honor of the birth of their daughter Zahava (a few months ago).  May they see nachas from all of their children!

Welcome to R' and Mrs. Moshe & Bella Kaufman
The Kehilla would like to welcome the Kaufman's to the community for Shabbos.  We look forward to spending an inspirational Shabbos together.

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Good Shabbos