Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekly Shiurim Schedule:

Sunday Morning- Shachris at 8am, followed by Shiur in Minchas Chinuch
Monday Night- 900-945 Shiur in Meseches Brachos 4th perek, Gemorah, Rashi, Tosafos, Halacha downstaris at Cedar/Green Kollel
Tues Night- 900-930 Shiur in Alei Shur in the basement of JLC
Wed Night- 900-940 Shiur in Inyanei Chinuch Habonim in the Shul Shiur room at 4471 Churchil.  Enter through side door.
Thursday Night- The Rov learns at Sapirstein Yeshiva High School from 815-1030 and can be available for meetings before or after.

The Rov is always available for meetings etc. Please contact the Rov directly to make arrangements