Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shovvavim Shuirim From The Rov Shlit"a

Shovvavim Shiur - Part One
Right click here to download part one

Shovvavim Shiur - Part Two
Right click here to download part two

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shabbos Zachor and Purim Zmanim

Erev Shabbos Minchah 6:05 pm
Candle Lighting – NOT BEFORE 6:21 pm
Repeat Shema after 8:26 pm
Oneg Shabbos – by the Jaffa’s 9:00 pm
Shacharis 8:15 am
Zachor for women 10:45 am
Inyanei Purim Shiur 6:15 pm
Shmiras Halashon Shiur 6:45 pm
Minchah 7:00 pm
Ma’ariv (50 minutes) 8:27 pm
(72 minutes) 8:49 pm
Meggilas Esther 9:10 pm
Meggilah by Adler’s 10:15 pm
Meggilah by Meystel’s 10:45 pm
Shacharis Purim 8:00 am
Meggilah by Meystel’s 10:00 am
Meggilah by Adler’s 10:20 am
Minchah – by the Adler’s 2:00 pm
Purim Seudah – by Pollack’s 5:00 pm

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Shiur

Rabbi Burnstein will start giving a Dirshu Mishna Brura Shiur based on the Dirshu cycle at Young Israel on the Monday after Purim 7:15a.m. - 7:45.  They will be starting around Siman 302. For more information please contact Avromi Meystel  216-789-0952 or

thank you

Avrom Adler