Thursday, July 23, 2015

KBT Weekly Email- Devarim/Chazon & Tisha B'Av Schedule

Candles not before/after- 721/833 
Mincha- 706
Shkiah- 851
Shachris- 830
Mincha  (no late Mincha)- 600
R' Spero's Shiur on Inyanei Tisha B'Av- after Mincha
Suedas Shlishis at home
Shabbos Ends at 940pm
No Havdala with wine/besamim- only make Borei M'orei H'eish for those who will not be in Shul.
Mariv- 1015

Sunday Schedule
Shachris will elucidated Kinos- 830
Chatzos- 132
Mincha with Talis/Tefilin- 800
Mariv- 915
Fast Ends- 938

קהל בני תורה

Kinos List 5775

ו, ז, ח, ט, י, יא, יג, יד, טז, יז, יח, יט,  כ, כא, כב, כה, כו, כז, כח, ל, לא, לב, לד, לה, לו, לט, מא, מג, מה,

R' Schwab's Kinnah

לשנה הבאה בירושלים

Tisha B'Av Video for Kids
There will be a Tisha B'av video for children from the Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation at the home of the Chavkins on Sunday 2424 Laurelhurst Rd.  Cost is $3 per child, $10 family max.  All proceeds to to the Foundation.

Boys time 3:30

Girls time 4:30

Friday, July 17, 2015

KBT Weekly Email- Matos/Massei

Candles not before/after-  725/839
Mincha- 710
Shkiah- 857
Shachris- 830
1st Mincha- 600
R' Spero's Shiur- 745
2nd Mincha- 830
Mariv 50/72- 946/1008

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Good Shabbos

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Halachos of the 9 days

The 9 Days


The 9 days start Thursday night at 8:58pm.

The restrictions of the three weeks increase from Rosh Chodesh Av (July 16th). The Mishna says in Meseches Taanis (26b) mishenichnas av momaatin b'simcha-when the month of Av comes in, we lessen our simcha.

All restrictions apply on Rosh Chodesh Av as well.

In addition to shaving and music, it is also forbidden to launder clothing (even for use after Tisha B'av). If one has no available clothing he may wash clothing provided that it is not the week of Tisha B'av. If it is the week of Tisha B'av (shavua shechal bo), he should wear dirty clothing (in a year like this, where Tisha B'av falls out on Shabbos and is pushed off to Sunday, Ashkenazim are noheig that the week of Tisha B'av is the whole week before Tisha B'av; Sefardim hold in a year such as this there is no shavua shechal bo).

Freshly laundered is defined as not having been worn since washed.

It is advisable to wear many different items of clothing on the day before the 9 days begin, to ensure that a person has enough clothing during the 9 days.

Freshly laundered clothing may be worn on Shabbos.

Garments worn under the clothing (undershirts, underwear, socks, etc.) may be worn even if freshly laundered.

It is forbidden travel for pleasure, bathe for pleasure/swim, drink wine or eat meat.

One may shower to remove sweat, the water can be warm, but should not be hot (though the Aruch Hashulchan and Rivavos Ephraim imply that the water may be hot). In any case, one should only stay in shower as long as is necessary to remove sweat/grime.

One may not buy clothing, even for after Tisha b'av. One should not renovate their home for decorative purposes (painting, wallpaper etc.).

Gardening is not allowed; it is permitted to cut grass.  

Meat may be eaten on Shabbos, even for shaloshudos.

Wine may be drunk on Shabbos. For havdalah, it is preferable to give the wine to a child. If there is no child available, an adult may drink the wine.

Nails should only be cut on Erev Shabbos (a woman who is going to the Mikveh, may also cut her nails during the nine days).

Thursday, July 9, 2015

KBT Weekly Email- Parshas Pinchas/Mevorchim

Candles not before/after-  728/843
Mincha- 713
R' Kaufman will give a short dvar Torah before Mariv
Shkiah- 901
Shachris- 830
Iyun Shiur by R' Kaufman after Kiddush (25 minutes)
Women's get together with Rabbi and Mrs. Kaufman @ the Fleksher home 2519 Milton Rd.- 445-545
1st Mincha- 600
R' Kaufman will give a short dvar Torah after Mincha
Shiur by R' Kaufman- 730-825
2nd Mincha- 825
Deluxe Suedas Shlishis and Q&A with R' Kaufman
Mariv 50/72- 951/1013

Deluxe Kiddush
There will be a Deluxe Kiddush after davening sponsored by R' Pinchas Landis and family in honor of the birth of their daughter Zahava (a few months ago).  May they see nachas from all of their children!

Welcome to R' and Mrs. Moshe & Bella Kaufman
The Kehilla would like to welcome the Kaufman's to the community for Shabbos.  We look forward to spending an inspirational Shabbos together.

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Good Shabbos

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Halachos of the Weeks

Thank you R' Spero. 

Halachos of the Three Weeks


The 17th of Tammuz (July 5th) through the 9th of Av (July 26th) is referred to as the three weeks.


This has historically been a tragic time for the Klal Yisroel. The Mishna relates that 5 tragic things happened to us on the 17th of Tammuz.


The five things that happened on the 17th of Tammuz are:

1.   Moshe broke the luchos.

2.   The daily Tamid offering stopped being offered in the Beis Hamikdash.

3.   The walls of Jerusalem were breached.

4.   Apostomus burned a Torah.

5.   An idol was placed in the sanctuary.


As a result of these tragedies, the Klal Yisroel have accepted upon ourselves certain restrictions.


We start off with the 17th of Tammuz.

This is a fast day. The fast starts at dawn, and goes until nightfall. It is permissible to wash hands, shower, and brush teeth.

Fast Starts-4:46am

Fast Ends-9:45pm


During the 3 weeks it is forbidden to get a haircut, shave, listen to music (some poskim permit music while exercising) and get married. Sefardim are permitted to do all of the above.

If a person will lose his job, or lose potential income, he may shave.

The brocha of shehechiyanu should not be said. New clothing may be purchased, provided that it does not cause one to say the brocha (shehechiyanu is only said of the new item [clothing or otherwise] if it causes great simcha).

The Mishna Berura writes that one should refrain from buying a new home, unless there is great need.  


Friday, July 3, 2015

KBT Weekly Email- Parshas Balak

Sorry for the delay....

Candles not before/after-  729/845
Mincha- 714
Shkiah- 903
Shachris- 825
1st Mincha- 600
R' Spero's Shiur- 750
2nd Mincha- 835
Mariv 50/72- 953/1015

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to the Rabbi and Mrs. Arieh Friedner on the birth of a baby boy! The Shalom Zachor will be tonight at 930pm @ 14500 East Carroll Blvd.  The Bris will be ,iy"H, on Sunday morning at Young Israel. Shachris at 8am in the main Shul, bris around 9am. 

Shiva Asar B'Tamuz- Sunday
Fast begins- 446am
Mincha (in Shul) 830
Mariv (in Shul)- 915
Fast ends- 945

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Good Shabbos