Friday, August 28, 2009

Shabbos: Ki Seitzei

There will be a shalom zachor at the Gottesman house @ 8:45. Mazel tov!!!

Candle Lighting - (early) should not be before 6:43, (regular) - 7:47
Sheki'ah - 8:05
Repeat Kerias Shema - after 8:57
Shacharis - 8:15 at Young Israel Social Hall
Gottesman Bris and Kiddush to follow
Mincha - 7:35
Maariv - 8:54
72 Minutes - 9:16

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gottesman Bris

We would like to wish a hartzike mazel tov to one of our members, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Gottesman, on the birth of a baby boy this past Shabbos. They wish to notify the oilam that davening this week will take place at the Young Israel Social Hall at 8:15 (our Minyan will be moving there - if you can help facilitate this move, please let Danny or myself know; thank you), and the bris and kiddush will follow. May they be zoche to raise their new young son to be a ben Torah and they should merit to see much Yiddeshe nachas from him and their entire family.

We would also like to remind everyone that next week, iy"H, we will be having Rabbi Ari Mintz and his wife coming for Shabbos. If anyone can assist us in any way (airport pick-up, meals, hosting etc.), please don't hesitate to let us know.

Lastly, this is also a reminder that if you would like to become a member, renew your membership with the Shul, or arrange for seats for the Yamim Noraim, please let the committee know.

Thank you so much.

(Please forward this to whomever you think might be interested. Thank you.)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shabbos: Shoftim

Mincha 6:35
Candle Lighting - (early) should not be before 6:52, (regular) - 7:58
Sheki'ah - 8:16
Repeat Kerias Shema - after 9:06
Shacharis - 8:15
Mincha - 7:40
Maariv - 9:05
72 Minutes - 9:27

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shabbos: Re'eh

Mincha 6:45
Candle Lighting - (early) should not be before 7:00, (regular) - 8:08
Sheki'ah - 8:26
Repeat Kerias Shema - after 9:16
Shacharis - 8:15
Mincha - 7:50
Maariv - 9:15

72 Minutes - 9:37